If you've come here looking for the answers on how to make great marketing videos, then you've come to the right place!

Maybe you don't have the tools or know how yet or don't know where to start? Well don't despair, you'll soon see how YOU can move easily from VIDEO DISASTER to VIDEO MASTER.

That's Great But, MAYBE

  • You Are Feeling Overwhelmed.
  • You Don't Know Where To Start, Or What To Even Include In Your Video.
  • You Don't Feel Confident In Front Of A Camera.
  • You Think It Is Way To Technical For You To Get Your Head Around.
  • You Don't Know Anything About How To Edit A Video.
  • You Don't Have The Budget To Hire A Professional Videographer.
  • You Think It Will Be Way Too Expensive To Get The Equipment To Do Your Own Videos.

So Then, How Great Would You Feel If You Could...

  • Make Your Own Awesome Looking & Sounding Videos
  • Find A Course That Was Custom Made BY Small Business Owners - FOR Small Business Owners
  • Discover A Course That Was Affordable AND Easy To Follow
  • Boost Your Sales
  • Boost Your Confidence To New Levels AND Be Comfortable In Front Of A Camera
  • Discover How To Structure A Video
  • Easily Edit A Video
  • Become A Market Authority
  • Gain More Trust With Your Customers


Video Made Easy:

How To Create Awesome Videos: The Owners Guide

At last, a comprehensive, easy to follow course, built BY Small Business Owners, specifically FOR Small Business Owners who have little or no experience in video production.Down-to-earth, no fluff, bite-sized video lessons that quickly guide you through the how and why on making great videos easily and affordably.


Desktop and Mobile Friendly!

Can I do this entire course on my smart device (iPad, iPhone, android, tablet etc) or desktop computer?


We made sure you could, so you could learn on the go, in your own time, and at your own pace.  AND, because it streams perfectly from our website, there is no downloading required - PERFECT!

I BET You'd Love To Have The Inside Edge, And...

  • Know exactly what steps you need to take to get the ball rolling.
  • Be able to produce your own quality looking and sounding videos, every time.
  • Know which camera type best suits your needs (including devices you may already own).
  • Find out how to easily light your video properly, with little to no outlay.
  • Learn about cool extra equipment that will make your life easier, most of which you can effortlessly make yourself for next to nothing.
  • Know what important camera setting you need to know about to take your videos simply to a whole new level.
  • Learn where most people go wrong with their studio setup, and discover how to use even the smallest of spaces to create an amazing video (and which pitfalls to avoid).
  • Discover how to effortlessly compose your shoot and how to pan, tilt and zoom your way to a stunning looking video.
  • Find out what editing software options are out there and watch easy-to-follow tutorials on how to use them.
  • Discover how to plan your shoot, learn what to wear (and what not to wear), and how to put a script together with easy step-by-step instructions.
  • Save a load of time and money on trying to work this out yourself by using expensive equipment you never needed in the first place.
  • ... plus much, much more ...

So Why Video Made Easy?


Here's What's Included In The Course ...

The Video Made Easy course is spread across 11 modules with over 3 hours of instructional video which is broken into bite sized videos, allowing for easy viewing at your own pace.

Modules can be taken in any order at any time and are playable on most mobile devices as well as desktop computers.


Now Including..

Behind The Scenes Bonus Footage ...

“I’ll personally allow you behind the scenes of my video setup, so you'll see exactly how I do it.

You don’t need any previous experience at all – I'll take you through everything you need to know, step by step,  so you too can be producing not only amazing looking videos, but amazing sounding videos too, easily, affordably, in no time at all!

Whether you have already done some of your own videos, or you have never picked up a video camera before in your life, you'll soon be quickly producing knockout videos … just like me”

- Darryn Aldridge -

Have A Quick Sneak Preview On Some Of The Subjects We Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Course For? +

From Absolute Beginners who have never picked up a camera before through to Intermediate Level videographers, plus anyone who is having a few issues and they don’t know how to fix them, then this is for you!

Anyone wanting to make their own videos, do their own video marketing or start out with their own video production, and want it to be good quality, rather than just average.

People willing to do that little bit extra to have their video creation stand out from the crowd.

What Will I Get From This Course? +
  • Over 69 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • In this course you will learn how to make top quality video;
  • Produce excellent sound including which audio options best suit your needs;
  • How to set up lighting for your shoot and what lighting options are available (on any budget);
  • Bonus cool gear that will have you sounding like a pro – instantly!;
  • The 4 Crucial factors you need to know on how to set your camera for the perfect exposure;
  • What backgrounds to use (including a wall in your home) and how to get the best out of them;
  • How to compose a shoot & various shots explained;
  • Editing software options (both free and paid) including bonus tutorials to get you on your way;
  • What to wear (and more importantly, what not to wear) to get your videos looking A ;
  • Presenting tips, how to get past writers block and so much more!

If you want to do your own video marketing, then this course is for you! Included are some great video editing tutorials. So if you want to know how to make a video for your business, blog, product or service, then let’s get started now!
Jam-packed full of helpful hints that most in the videography field won’t tell you.

What Will I Need? +
  • A desire to make awesome videos!
  • At some point you are going to need access to a camera (either a smartphone, camcorder or DSLR etc). We discuss the pros and cons of each device so you can make your own choice on which best suits your needs.
  • Access to a computer and video software (again, we discuss free and paid options in one of the lectures, so you can choose which suits your needs).
  • At some point you are going to need an external microphone, but we discuss options within the course, and there are options to suit all budgets!
Do You Offer A Guarantee? +

YES!  We back ourselves with a full 30 day Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not entirely happy with the course, we will refund your money – it’s that simple!  Just contact us before the 30 days is up, and we will refund you.

Can I do this course on my mobile smart device? (iPad, iPhone, tablet, android etc) +

Yes - we have made sure that this course can be enjoyed on all mobile devices, so you can learn wherever you want, whenever you want.

Do I have to download the course to watch it? +

No - once you join our membership, you will have full access to the membership website, where our videos perfectly stream from our website - so no downloading required at all!

Please Feel Free To Contact Me HERE If You Have Any Questions